Andrew Buckingham, Director.

Andrew has over 25 years of experience across a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. He has worked with many large organisations in both the private and public sectors, where his contributions have transformed operations through major change projects. He has a real passion for solving complex business and supply chain problems, and for actively driving change, all the way from initial planning to final execution.

Steve Preece, Director.

Steve has 30 years of experience in managing complex global supply chains, and, vitally, supporting his clients throughout the period of change. He has a talent for converting clear, strategic thinking into physical, practical, operational solutions, which generate significant client value. Steve has created and successfully managed major supply chain operations across Europe, and in the challenging arenas of Africa and the Middle East.

Stephen Weir, Director.

Stephen’s reputation was grounded in his relationship with blue chip organisations all over the world, where he strived to improve service and reduce costs. He has held senior roles both in operational logistics businesses and also highly regarded global consultancies. He has worked energetically to share his dedication to the concept of supply chain sustainability. Physically implementing this conviction helps clients to realise genuine commercial value, by fully considering environmental, and other, risks to their supply chains.

You may be pleased to hear, that, just like the Directors, all members of our consulting team are specifically chosen for their decades of experience and character in both operational and consulting roles. We’re proud to be able to say that our approach to creating a dynamic team means that our own chain has no weak links. This in turn enables us to be supremely confident in delivering on our commitments to our clients.

Our team members are all extremely experienced supply chain operators. They are fully conversant with all of the demands and nuances of: planning, procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, and physical logistics. They have also benefitted from extensive strategic and consulting backgrounds. They know how best to implement sustainable change in complex organisations, and they have the “battle scars” to prove it.