We were engaged by the 6 Councils in North Wales to conduct a review of their vehicle maintenance facilities as part of the Regional Transformation Programme. This was subsequently extended to provision of full Fleet Reviews for each of the 6 Councils, to analyse current performance and costs and provide a summary of opportunities to deliver savings without compromising service delivery to the public.

The Challenge

  • The 6 Councils cover a large geographical area including both significant urban populations and large remote rural areas
  • Each Council has different service requirements and these are reflected in diverse fleet profiles in terms of number and type of vehicles
  • There was a need to determine the appropriate strategy to balance collaborative work with local efficiency initiatives

Our Approach

  • We conducted a rigorous assessment of all of the current maintenance facilities, including costs, productivity and facilities
  • We developed a series of costed options, during which we were able to demonstrate that there were significant opportunities to deliver savings within each Council fleet, and that this should be the initial priority, rather than pursuing more complex collaborative approaches
  • We completed a Fleet Review for each Council, following a similar scope in each case, to allow comparison and aggregation of fleet profiles and costs across the region
  • Within each council we worked closely with Fleet Management staff and service delivery teams to identify and fully validate each opportunity, to ensure that the savings identified were “real” and deliverable
  • The Results

  • Each Fleet Review was accepted by senior managers / Directors in the Councils, with total savings identified in excess of 10% of current costs
  • We provided detailed implementation plans for each Council, which have been progressed appropriately on a local basis
  • We continue to work with 2 of the Councils, to provide technical and project management support for implementation, and have also provided input to other regional and national events within Wales to share details of the programme