It goes without saying that product supply is absolutely critical to sales. By working with huge international players like, Travis Perkins, Hanson and Tarmac on global procurement and inventory management, we’ve been instrumental in helping to deliver a substantial return on their investments. They have recorded £ many millions to their bottom line through improved supply chain performance.

Food & drink

Nowadays, when one takes into account the fragility of brands and the lack of consumer ‘brand stickiness’, the importance of building consumer confidence through the integrity and value of a brand cannot be understated. This is particularly true of our big household-name clients, including Whitbread, C&C, and Bernard Matthews, who have enviable reputations to protect and enhance. We created our unique Crystal Globe assessment tool to measure performance to ensure that core factors of integrity, value for money, quality and consistency are embedded within the supply chain.

Fleet & transportation

Invariably, the face of an organisation to its customers, its fleet & transportation, are the threads that link supply chain networks. By accurately focusing on the key metrics of utilisation, cost and compliance, we’ve been able to repeatedly perform the impressive feat of saving our clients £ millions in fleet & transportation costs, in both the public and private sector, while simultaneously improving the organisation’s service levels.

Waste services

This multi-billion £ industry is radically modifying its supply chains to meet 21st century demands. It’s also undergoing a massive social and industrial purpose transformation. And it’s having to make this transformation swiftly in response to legislation, regulation, client demands and consumer behaviour. The industry is shifting from a simple “collect and dump it” model to that of “recycle and re-use it”. In the process, with our help, it’s delivering massive environmental and commercial value.


The success of world-class manufacturing rests heavily on world-class supply chains. We’re proud to say that we have worked with not only enormous global brands such as Rolls Royce and Airbus, but also successful niche manufacturers, to redesign and transform their supply chains, to maintain their businesses at the pinnacle of their respective industries.


Supply chains are end-to-end business processes. It’s about transparency, clarity and communication. We work with both private and institutional investors to optimise order to cash processes, systems and organisations. Critically, this allows us to manage risk and maximise their returns.


Network optimisation requires clear, seamless physical logistics. As a business, this is where our own story began. Since we set out, we’ve operated, designed and optimised logistics networks across the globe and across the full gamut of categories and disciplines: from Defence to Drinks, and from Catalogue Shopping to Chemicals.

Public sector

The pressure on the Public Sector to transform, innovate, become more efficient and deliver savings is ever present, but equally, this needs to be balanced with public safety and service delivery. Weir’s skill-sets and experience have been engaged by major public bodies, including NHS Trusts, MOD, and Central Government, as well as numerous English and Welsh local authorities, to deliver £ millions of cashable savings, whilst significantly improving their service resilience and delivery.


Nowhere is competition greater than retail. We’ve worked with the UK’s leading retailers, such as ASDA, Argos and WH Smiths, to ensure that their supply chains consistently and dependably deliver on time and in full to the nation’s stores and homes.